Gels & Fiberglass

Glass Gel - $95
Makes your Nails look like stained glass.
Magnetic Color Gel Add-On - $15
Magnetic particles in gel create patterns on
the nail by holding a magnet over wet polish.
This color gel can be applied over any LCN gel.
Recolution Soak Off Color Gel - $35
Solvent free soak off color gel by LCN.
Removable with acetone based remover that
contains almond Oil, for a less drying effect
to your natural nails.
Gel Nail Set - $80
Strong, beautiful nails and practically odor-free
application. Gel nails are a great alternative to
acrylic. They are strong and very close to
natural looking.
Gel Nail Overlay - $65
Gel nail service added to natural nail and not
using tips.
Gel Nail Fill - $40
Fills are recommended two to three weeks
after the last fill or first set.
Gel Nail Repair - $5+
Repair or replacement of gel nail.
Fiberglass Nail Set - $65
Fiberglass nails are very strong and natural
looking. This type of nail set is the thinnest
of all artificial nail options.
Fiberglass Nail Overlay - $50
Fiberglass nail service on natural nails, not
not using tips.
Fiberglass Nail Fill - $35
Fiberglass fill. Fills are recommended two
weeks after the last fill or first set.
Fiberglass Nail Repair - $3+
Repair or replacement of fiberglass nail.
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