Spa Manicure - $40
The spa manicure includes all of the wonderful
services of the oil manicure service but it also
includes the exfoliation of the hands as well as
the luxurious paraffin hand treatment.
French Manicure (60 min.) - $30
Manicure with French Polish
Magnetic Manicure (60-90 min.) - $40
This polish contains tiny magnets, and by
holding a magnet over the wet polish it will
create one of two designs.
X-Tame Manicure (60 min.) - $35
Doubles the life of your manicure. Only NON
ACETONE polish remover required for removal.
Oil Manicure - $25
An oil manicure service includes the luxurious
moisturizing warm lotion soak, the nail and
cuticle care, and hand and arm massage.
Finally, your choice of polish.
Paraffin Wax Treatment - $10-$15
This great service softens, moisturizes and
relaxes hands and/or feet.
Natural Nail Boost Gel (60 min.) - $30
Helps your Nails grow longer and stronger
without the damaging effect of soaking in
acetone or harsh buffing.
Natural Nail Boost w/Manicure (60 min.) - $40
Natural Nail Boost w/Recolution (60 min.) - $40
Artificial Nail Removal - $15
Easy removal of artificial nails. Acrylics, Gel Nails
and even Press Ons can be removed quickly
without any residue left.
Recolution Soak Off Color Gel (60 min.) - $35
This service includes cuticle care and shaping of
the nails.
Polish Change - $15  
A simple polish change for a special occasion or
simply a mood change!
French Polish Change - $20
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